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  • Edison-Metuchen Orthopaedic Group
    Trusted Choice for Exceptional
    Patient-Centered Care
  • Edison-Metuchen Orthopaedic Group
    Trusted Choice for Exceptional
    Patient-Centered Care
  • Edison-Metuchen Orthopaedic Group
    Trusted Choice for Exceptional
    Patient-Centered Care
  • Edison-Metuchen Orthopaedic Group
    Trusted Choice for Exceptional
    Patient-Centered Care

Patient Testimonials

Patient Reviews for Dr. James Patti

Dr. Patti performed a cervical fusion on me December 2016, the staff was great, answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable and calm the day of the surgery. I have less pain and more movement with my neck and arms. I continue to do my at home exercises from physical therapy, it is taking a while but I am getting more strength and endurance every day. I am hopeful that by the year point I will be able to do all the things I have had difficulty doing for the last few years. I would highly recommend Dr. Patti, he is very good and very friendly. My scar is very unnoticeable, he did a wonderful job all around.

– Rose M

Patient Reviews for Dr. Nielsh Patel

I was a new patient of Dr. Patel’s in the summer as I had a fracture of my left leg from skating. My tibia bone on my shin in particular had a spiral fracture. Dr. Patel made it an easy process to get through each phase in healing and recovering. He squeezed in my surgery later at night even though he had a very long day prior to my surgery and my incision is very minimal. I believe he goes above and beyond for his patients.

Each follow up visit he answered any questions or concerns and took his time regardless of how small the questions may be. I believe he tries to make sure his patients understand their injuries and the course of action that will be needed, step by step. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

– Tiffany W

Dr Nelish Patel was fantastic! He reconstructed my Achilles Tendon and did the FHL tendon transfer to give it added strength. His demeanor and patience in answering all of my questions was commendable to say the very least! He took all the time necessary to make sure that I understood exactly everything he told me, both before and after the surgery.

I came to him looking for a second opinion on the surgery I needed and I’m glad I did. The first doctor I had seen told me I would be out of work for at least5 months, but Dr Patel assured me I would not miss more than12 weeks. I was back to work just 9 weeks after the surgery.

I can’t thank him enough for getting me back to living a normal life and his expertise in what was obviously a very complicated surgery.. Oh, and one more thing, the scar is very minimal now 8 months after the procedure. A sign of very skillful hands…..

– Ed D

Patient Reviews for Dr. Todd Ryan

After tearing my ACL during a race, Dr. Ryan reconstructed my ACL in late 2012 and literally saved my running career. As a sports medicine specialist, he knew that not running (like other doctors recommended) was NOT an option for me, and helped me explore all options available. He had even gone through the same surgery himself, so he was able to talk me through every strange sensation and scary new experience post-surgery. During recovery, he never got frustrated when I called him in a panic – multiple times – thinking I’d torn the new tendon just by bending the wrong way. He always eased my fears in a completely non-patronizing way, and thanks to his fantastic work, I was able to run a 15 minute PR in my last half marathon this May! I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Ryan.

– Jessica S

I’ve been under Dr. Todd Ryan care for several years for my knee problems "meniscus" "cyst" and most recently both knees needing Cortisone shots for pain and now awaiting for approval for "gel shots" Dr. Ryan knowledge understanding compassion and professional care, has been beyond perfect hes’ straightforward talking about treatments available to me he explains every situation very thoroughly giving any/all alternatives and their possible outcomes many thanks Dr.Ryan

– Clem S

Patient Reviews for Dr. Joseph Lombardi

I’ve been coming the Edison Orthopedic Group since the early 2000’s. My first encounter was with Joseph Lombardi. I was recommended by a friend. He was very forth coming about what could happen to me if the nerves in my legs were to continue to diminish, that surgery would not be pliable. So I opted for the surgery and I do not regret one minute of my decision. I have not had one problem with my back since my surgery so long ago. I tell anyone who will listen, if they have any problems with anything, they should go to this group. They are very helpful. I have practically seen every doctor in this group. So I really thank everyone of them for what they done for me. That includes doctors Robert Lombardi, Dr. Ramani, Dr. Chen, Dr. Patel. I’ve brought my son there for a repair of his growth plate in his elbow, which Dr. Chen preformed the surgery. So, yes, I trust these doctors completely. Thank you once again.

– Terotha L

I had Back Surgery by Dr Joseph Lombardi in August 2015. He is amazing I have not had any back pain since the surgery. I highly recommend Dr Lombardi or any of the Physicians in his group.

– Barbara M

Patient Reviews for Dr. Mohnish Ramani

This was the first time I had a Doctor that wasn’t with St Peters University Hospital in New Brunswick.

My children said they wanted the best and Dr. Ramani is the best. He was highly recommend by others. The first meeting i had he put my mind at ease, and would do all he could to end my pain. He is most kind and gentle Doctor. At the age of 84 I am glad I listened to my children. I will send anyone who needs an operation to Dr. Ramani. God Bless him.

– Mary J Kohlhepp

Dr Ramani did a wonderful job on repairing my full thickness Rotator Cuff Tear. I have made a full recovery and have full range of motion. The physical therapy department is second to none. Thank you

– Louis M

I was very fortunate to be linked with Dr. Ramani after injury to my shoulder. I needed to have surgery for two Labrum tears and shoulder impingement. From the first visit and throughout the entire process, he was accurate in diagnosing my injury, made sure I was fully informed, and answered any questions I had. I made a quick and full recovery in large part due to his help. Much gratitude to Dr. Ramani and his staff.

– Gregory M

After tearing my ACL and MCL in an softball accident.Dr.Ramani was very patient with me though I was very eager to get surgery quick and move forward.After my injury I had to do PT due to that my knee was stuck in place.Dr.Ramani suggested PT first because chances of me getting surgery and fully healing with my knee stuck in place and my age were very slim and there would be a possibility of having to go back under for another surgery.He kept to his word on me getting my knee straight before surgery so My knee would at least have to be at 90% straight.That took me 5 months to achieve But finally it happened.I went in and got ACL reconstruction surgery but did not repair my mcl since it was starting to heal on its own.1yr and a half later I’m walking great and I’m finally going back to the softball field this coming summer. The staff was always pleasant as well.

Thank you for everything

– Esther R

Fortunately mine is a simple diagnosis that does not require any follow up. Dr. Ramani put my mind at ease, understood why I was concerned, and assured me I find the right thing checking in with him. The entire staff is welcoming, professional and knowledgeable!

– Pam C

Patient Reviews for Dr. Franklin Chen

Thank you very much for saving my right shoulder from any more harm. My right shoulder, arm, and hand is my whole life. It’s with this hand that I paint my paintings and create my art i have been an artist since I was 9 years old and don’t know how i could live without my art. With your skills and experience guiding your hands, you have given me more years to continue my life to its fullest as an artist.

– Harold (Hal) Shull

Dr Chen was so patient and compassionate. He fully explained things to me in a very comfortable manner. I highly recommend him.

– Trudy M

I was very pleased with the doctor..and the whole staff.

– Marcell D

Very efficient and professional. He described all the problems with my injured right ring finger and told me in detail what to expect during and after surgery.

– Bonny K

I immediately felt at ease with Dr. Chen and Nurse Flo. The doctor was very reassuring, professional, and thorough. He carefully explained things to me and answered all my questions. Flo was patient, caring and supportive. I’m so glad I found them.

– Trudy M

Dr. Chen was friendly and professional. Would recommend him to anyone looking for help with a sports related problem.

– Benjamin H

Very satisfied with Dr. Chen. He kind and caring. Have seen him for different issues, always happy with his care. I def recommend him as well as the entire practice! Thanks for the great care that receive!

– Kristin T